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Sony SEL16F28 Prime Lens Evaluation for Sony NEX Camera

The SEL16F28 has a focal size of 24 millimetres with a minimum aperture of f/22 and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. It was actually a. 073x magnifying power with a minimum emphasis distance of.24 m. It has a 49mm filter with a non-rotating, concentrating ring. The lens contains 7 circular aperture blades and even5 groups, 5 elements with 1 aspheric surface. It weighs 70g and even actions 62×22.5 mm in measurement. It additionally has an AF for movie capture and functions Direct Guidebook Emphasis (DMF). It has an internal tipping motor and even generates low sound when capturing films. Its outside surface is steel as is its mount material.

Final thought

Simply put, the negative rep this lens is getting is undeserved. Perfectionists that believe only DSLR cams and their lenses deserve at any time and cash have introduced an unjust bias versus the SEL16F28.

There’s absolutely nothing poor about a low-cost lens that’s not made for a DSLR camera. This lens is exactly what it is – made specifically for Sony NEX cams. Best Point and Shoot Camera the next generation in lightweight yet functional lenses. It’s stylish, streamlined, utilitarian, and eventually cool. The SEL16F28 executes more than exactly what’s anticipated, and even performs very well considering its reduced, affordable price. Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 LUMIX G A spherical Pancake Lens Testimonial for Micro 4 Thirds Cameras. If you are looking for a terrific pancake type lens the Panasonic 20mm is for you. Several people are extremely happy with the Panasonic 20mm camera lens.


Sony SEL16F28 Prime Lens Evaluation for Sony NEX Camera

The Panasonic 20mm lens has F1.7 illumination which lets you develop brilliant photos with a soft emphasis. This lens likewise uses 2 aspherical lenses that aid to get high-resolution digital photography while obtaining rid of any type of kind of distortion that could show up. The lens is also multi-layered to help give out a no-glare picture that is best for any and also all photo taking.

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