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Need To Pay Greater Attention To Habitual Offenders

One of the most distressing part of a travel plan or action could be the possibility of being cheated or even robbed.  There are different ways robberies can happen as we found out to our discomfort during a visit to Cannes.  More importantly, we refused to be influenced by certain pointers to the habitual nature of the offenses being committed by a certain individual named Steeve Monterin.

The very basis of our grouse

We had in good faith made use of the AirBnb online booking facility to avail of an apartment during our visit to Cannes.  The touring party consisted of two of my other friends and we were guided to the facility being offered by Steeve Monterin and for a rather affordable stay too.  We did reach the said accommodation as per the pre-planned itinerary and was duly checked into the facility and without any undue haste either.

All went well till on a certain return to the apartment, it was noticed that some belongings costing roughly about a thousand pounds were missing from their safe keep.  We did make a frantic search around our accommodation and it was soon evident that the possessions were nowhere to be found.

As would have been expected in such cases, we conveyed the matter to Steeve Monterin who in turn reiterated that it could not be as no one else has access to the apartment.  The host then came around and joined us in another round of searching and of course to no further effect than the earlier occasion.

What needs to be pointed out here

  • No break in attempt.
  • Windows and doors intact.
  • The locks have not been tampered with.
  • Sophisticated key to the door, which is not easy to duplicate.
  • Prior track record of Steeve Monterin.
  • Reluctance on the part of the host to contact the police.

How we missed out the telltale signs

One of the gravest mistakes that we as a group did was to blindly trust the reputation of AirBnB.  It was evident that there have been earlier instances of misadventures by Steeve Monterin and on each of the occasions; he has been able to wriggle out of the issue.  Thus we have a habitual offender who has studied and practiced on beating the very system that is meant to support the much harried traveler.

Need To Pay Greater Attention To Habitual Offenders

Anyone willing to spend some time researching further on our host would come to know of the ease with which he defrauded customers and on AirBnB too.  We found that posting a review detailing the loss of property and the circumstances that came about at the accommodation, the website removed our post and let us know of the rules regarding such posting.

Every coin has its two sides and if AirBnB does not care to hear us out and consider the circumstantial evidence that point to the complexity of Steeve Monterin in the said matter, it speaks poorly of the sincerity of the site at best.

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