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Features of Kushan art

The Kushan art described the art of Mathura school. At the record of Mathura, it was during the time of Saka-Ksatrapa rulers in which regional persons entered touch with foreigners. However more than the Kushan, the Sakas was accountable for the deep-rooted foreign impact which is visible in the traditions and local art. The traditions, new environments and new rulers tend to be the elements which introduced the new school of architecture which called the Kushan art. It was the era when Kushan art attained a ripe phase and all of its features entirely grown. Pictures of all 3 sects- Buddhism, Vaishnavism and Jainism were sculpted and managed with similar capability.

Numerous representations of kushan art are understood from Gandhara. Throughout Kushan Empire, numerous pictures of Gandhara got resemblances to the functions of Indian, Persian, Greek and Syrian figures. The Kushans presented a combined culture which is finest shown with the range of Iranian, deities-Greco-Roman and Indian. The two significant stylistic departments could be made amongst artifacts of the duration: Indian sources, Buddhist art of blended Greco-Roman and noble art of Iranian derivation. The design of Kushan artwork is frontal, stiff and hieratic. It highlights the wealth and power of the person. There is no interest in the making of drapery or anatomy.

Statue classification

The statue of this period could separate into the observing classifications

  • Pictures of Brahmanical divine beings
  • Jaina Tirthankara Figures
  • Figures of Gautama Buddha and the Boddhisattavas
  • Jaina Tablets of tribute (Ayayapattas).

The pictures of the semi-celestial divine beings like and the Bacchanalian, Yakshas, Nagas and Yakshinis scenes. The Stone Slabs tells the stories of episodes and various stories. The picture of the Buddha is a collection of a Hellenistic Buddha sculpture with feets presented and expanded apart in the same style as such of the Kushan king.

Features of Kushan art

The characteristics of Kushan Art are explained below:

  1. Useful representations of humans are delighting in various functions.
  2. The art uses advancement in style and strategy of sculpting figures.
  3. New techniques of telling continuous and long tales.
  4. A reliable mix of new and old concepts.
  5. Impact of Gandhara art.
  6. The Kushan art describes the pictures of the Buddha, Brahmanical and various Tirthankaras divine beings.
  7. It explains the basic principles of picture statue.

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