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Best motherboard for I7 8700K

The motherboard is the crucial element in every Personal Computer. It functions as the foundation of the whole system, imitating a hub that each part has to get in touch with to work. Without having the very best motherboards, a computer system will be a pricey paperweight. The very best motherboards may have numerous enticing and interesting characteristics which will let you make the most of your hardware and improve your CPUs overclocking capacity.

If you’re intending on purchasing an I7 8700K, then you have done the best option at having a look at this evaluation since we will allow you understand the very best motherboard for I7 8700K.

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus gaming 7

It’s a spectacular board but what it does not have the automatic overclock adjusting in which the one possessed and it does not have onboard wifi possibly. These are the two crucial functions this is missing when compared with the ROG Maximus; there’s a couple of more distinctions however they aren’t as essential as these, but, it’s less expensive.

The person who doesn’t care about the automatic overclock adjusting and no onboard wifi then this might be the very best option for that people and check it out regarding more information about the best I7 8700K motherboards.


It is the very best Z370 Motherboard however not in the actual way the Gigabyte AORUS Video gaming 7 is still much better than this one in regards to functions & essential efficiency, but, this one isn’t much variation from such one it’s slightly more affordable than both of them.

Best motherboard for I7 8700K

And it does not look good when compared to Gigabyte Z370 motherboards, but it’s still efficient in doing its task correctly, it even features the overclock automatic adjusting which the AORUS Video gaming 7 didn’t have!