Guide to Buying Collectible Dolls

Collectible DollsCollectible Dolls is a passion for people of all ages around the world. There are a wide variety of collectible dolls on the market currently. They range from vintage choices to latest designer options such as porcelain, handcrafted rag and cloth dolls. There are collectible dolls to suit every person’s taste and budget for that matter. People around the world collect these dolls as a past time or passion. Some would collect them for personal reasons while others may collect them for antique purposes. These dolls provide great value to the collector, no matter for what reason they decide to collect them. This article will provide some important information in purchasing collectible dolls.

Dolls have been created from ancient time using various materials from wood to metal. These dolls have been loved by kids and people of all ages throughout history. The material used to make the dolls play a big part in the expression of the doll. It would dictate the status of the doll more than any other aspect of the collectible doll. The materials used to produce these dolls varied throughout history due to many reasons and social factors. Some of the most popular types of collectible dolls are highlighted below.

Composition Dolls – These dolls are made from a mixture of several compounds. plaster of Paris, glue, saw dust and paper are some of the most common materials used when making these composition dolls. Some of the famous Madame Alexander composite dolls include Little Betty dolls, Wendy Ann dolls, Princess Elizabeth dolls and Tiny Betty dolls.

Cloth Dolls – These dolls are made using cloth with special hand painted features. The cloth is made by hand while the wig of the doll is made using colored yarn. The most famous cloth dolls include Andy dolls and the Raggedy Ann dolls.

Metal Dolls – These dolls would have a metal head or the entire doll would be made using metal. In the 1880’s, the U.S. and Germany were in the forefront of popularizing these dolls. Tin, silver and brass are some of the most common metals used to make these dolls.

Wood Dolls – Wood dolls dates back to the primitive era. There were popular folk art pieces of wooden dolls created from linden or basswood.

Vinyl Dolls – These dolls are made of soft plastic and are quite popular currently. These are some of the most durable type of dolls available on the market today.

Porcelain Dolls – These dolls are produced by firing pure clay. The versatility of the material will guarantee a finer product in porcelain dolls.

Hard Plastic Dolls – These collectible dolls were made popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Hard plastic dolls have more sharper features than the other kind of dolls.

Bisque Dolls – These dolls are made from unglazed and tinted porcelain. These dolls possess warm rich colors which are not available with other type of dolls.

Modern collectible dolls have been made popular by numerous names. Robert Tonner Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Lee Middleton Dolls, Vogue Dolls, Adora Dolls and Barbie Doll are some of the most popular in this regard. Barbie Dolls have been a favorite of many generations. They are most popular among the fairer sex. A variety of themes and designs keep them engaged for many generations.

Madame Alexander dolls are quite pricier than the other varieties. But they are popular because they use themes as he Wizard of Oz and many story-book characters in the process of making them. Lee Middleton Dolls are quite inexpensive compared to the other varieties. The workmanship is of high quality and most people love to collect these dolls. The Adora dolls are more affordable and appeal to the young and mature audience alike. Adora dolls are available in natural hair, skin and eye colors. The Robert Tonner Dolls include a popular line of collector dolls which include Tyler Wentworth dolls, Betsy McCall dolls, Mary Englebreit dolls, Kitty Collier dolls and many other varieties. Vogue dolls are popular since the 1950’s. Ginny doll is the hit of Vogue Dolls. The Ginny’s wardrobe varies from Halloween costumes to formal wear.

The price and value of a collectible doll will vary depending on many factors. The popularity of the doll is one factor in this regard. The overall condition and vintage value of the doll are the other important factors in this regard. Some antique dolls would cost less than the dolls that are in vogue currently. You need to look for the details in collectible dolls when determining the quality. The hairstyle, facial expression and stitching should be the factors to consider when buying collectible dolls. Carefully painted faces should be seriously considered when making your choice between the various collectible dolls on offer.

Cracks and holes may devalue the overall price of the doll. If you intend to keep the doll in your possession without reselling it, some of the minor imperfection should not deter you from purchasing a particular type of collectible doll. Damaged dolls could be purchased for quite a low price than perfect dolls. You can repair some of these damages by yourself if you intend to keep the dolls for yourself without reselling them.

The overall condition of the doll is vital when buying collectible dolls. They should be playable and lovable in the first place. The collector looking for pristine and perfect quality would have to pocket out some extra money when purchasing a collectible doll.

There are many places to purchase collectible dolls. The internet is one of the best places to buy collectible dolls. There are many reliable e-commerce stores which sell these collectible dolls. You can perform some research on the best dolls available for sale by visiting the internet. Be sure to compare the quality of the dolls and the prices offered by these e-commerce stores. This will help you to purchase the best collectible dolls on the market.

The aforementioned tips would keep you in handy in buying the best collectible dolls on the market.